Improving Access to Education for Those Most in Need

Help Empower Youth Through Better Education

Build to Learn is a charitable initiative of The Mindful Word. We donate 10% of the earnings of our book sales towards educational charitable initiatives. We direct funding wherever there is the greatest need and have picked charitable initiatives with the highest donation-to-program-funding operational efficiency.

The Vision

The vision is to run our own programs in countries where educational resources are most limited and where we can be of the most benefit based on whatever educational needs are most required in a particular area. For now we currently donate to the initiatives we feel line up best with our values.

Dongyu Gatsal Ling

Sponsoring a Buddhist nun at Dongyu Gatsal Ling in India by paying for her education costs and living expenses. Build to Learn is funding Buddhist nuns in India because women in India do not have the educational (and other) opportunities that men in India have.

Smile Foundation

Through Smile Foundation we sponsor three children’s education, nutrition and healthcare in India. With one out of four children out of school in India, providing greater educational access to youth in India is a priority we’re focusing on.

Other Funding Initiatives

We fund a variety of other initiatives, including Warchild, to assist their mission of helping children from warzones to reclaim their childhood by providing access to education; Boundless, a boarding school and outdoor adventure school that helps aboriginal at-risk youth attain their high school diploma; and various other programs.


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Phone: 844-585-1100

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