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School kids in Ladakh, India

Our intention is to build. Schools, educations, futures, families, communities. Every child deserves an education. We want to bring education to all.


Build to Learn is a Canada-based charity with roots in Asia. The charity’s mandate is to build schools in areas of greatest need in the developing world.

Help Empower Students in Need

Build to Learn is sponsoring a Buddhist nun at Dongyu Gatsal Ling in India by paying for her education costs and living expenses. We are continually fundraising for additional educational charitable initiatives and looking to start our own projects. We decide on funding initiatives based on wherever there is the greatest need and the highest donation-to-action efficiency.

Build to Learn is funding Buddhist nuns in India because women in India do not have the educational (and other) opportunities that men in India have. Dongyu Gatsal Ling was chosen after personally exploring options in the region of north India and deciding on the best one that meets our mandate.