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About Us

Build to Learn is committed to building a better future for youth ((who are in need of a better education)). Funded by The Mindful Word’s book royalties and private donations, we are enabling youth with high-quality, effective education, inspiring them to lead successful lives and supporting them to build the life they want to live.

We do this by designing projects and strategically funding (see “Efficiency” below for more on our funding strategy) youth, education systems and charities that support our values.


Karma Yoga attitude – Karma Yoga is the Yoga of action. Commonly translated as the Yogic path of selfless service, its main tenet is detachment from the outcome of one’s actions which purifies the self (Examples of well-known Karma Yogis are Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Sivananda, and Amma).

Build to Learn strives to do for the sake of doing. When joy comes just from the act of selflessly serving others and giving, not from the result of that service to others (i.e. feeling good about donating, reducing guilt, acknowledgment, forced volunteering, etc.) then we are doing Karma Yoga.

Since we’ve been granted this human life on Earth we are acting constantly throughout the day. Our vision is to use our action in a way that is of benefit to the world, in a way that is free from desires, selfish motives, preferences and prejudices. By sticking to the Karma Yoga code of detachment, we strive to base our work on what objectively makes the most sense to base our work on: efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency – We abhor waste in all forms. One of the worst forms of waste is the waste of donors’ hard-earned dollars. We strive to keep administrative costs at zero or as low as possible to ensure donations are not squandered through high overhead and administrative costs.

We do not actively fundraise so we have zero fundraising expenses (we are wholly funded through royalties on The Mindful Word’s book sales and private donations). We currently have a staff of just one volunteer, so we have zero administrative costs. That means that every dollar you donate goes towards funding programs we’re working on or donating towards.

Effectiveness – If efficiency is the test of whether something is done right, effectiveness is the test of whether something is right to do. We put a great deal of effort into planning programs and deciding what partners to work with and donate towards.

We engage projects based on our firsthand knowledge of an area and its people and only fund projects where there is a definite need for the ((target population.))

Charitable value investing – Similar to the way astute value investors find an undervalued company that is well managed, our approach to charitable value investing is to look for well-managed charities that maximize efficiencies by cutting labour and other costs to minimize waste and inefficiencies. By searching out the most efficient and effective partners and organizations to work with we’re ensuring that every donation dollar goes as far as it possibly can.

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